Is Idea Management Underrated?


Because most Senior Managers believe that they already know how to manage ideas. Yet company after company does not get to see their best ideas see the light of day. They don't even know where they are.

Evidence that most companies don't know how to manage disruptive ideas is that they have so few disruptive ideas in the entire history of their companies.

How to Create a Culture of Innovation

We are all born creative.

Then we get educated. 

Some of us manage to survive our education and remain children. We stay at our creative best. Curious. Perennially exploring. Always finding new and amazing things

in a perpetually wondrous world. It's a mindset I call "Being Alice".

Every adult can "be Alice".

Foreplay, Conception and Idea Management

Unfortunately, there's been more written about Idea Generation Techniques than Idea Management Techniques.

If you are looking for Idea Generation Techniques you can access the work of Edward de Bono, Roger von Oech, Dr. Jean Houston, Tony Buzan....the list of celebrity writers in this field is quite long.

But if you wanted Idea Management Techniques, who do you turn to?

Digital Brand Strategy

Digital brand strategy is about understanding properly the deep dark world of digital branding.

We look at ideas good and bad and get the inside story on how they were produced so that we can make the right choices going forward.

Your Consumers Are Not Always Rational, But Your Marketing Objectives Should Be .....?

Purchasing decisions can be a result of rational economic calculation, so that consumers choose products that can provide the greatest quality and functionality in accordance with their preference and budget.  This concept is based on the assumption that consumers always try to maximize their satisfaction within their financial limitations, that they have knowledge about alternative sources to meet their needs or wants.  That is why marketers try to offer the best combination of price and quality.