Imago started its operation in 2002. Since then, we have been committed on delivering inspiring and practical education that is focused on what the marketing communication industry needs.

Human plays a very important role in the marketing communication industry. So, developing and updating their knowledge and skills should be continuously maintained. Imago will try its best to provide the needs by inviting lecturers who are all highly experienced and shared the same passion in sharing the latest knowledge and skills required by the industry.

Imago’s focus is to deliver short courses for public as well as conducting in-house training programs. The courses range from important basic knowledge in marketing communication to more advance and strategic issue in the industry. Most of our courses will be in workshop format where cases are shared to participant. This approach will ensure that participant has sufficient exercise to think strategically, analytically and innovatively in dealing with the current changes in the industry.

We can also prepare short courses that are targeted more to students and fresh graduates who have the intention to enter marketing communication industry. We will act like a bridge between the formal education institution and the business battlefield by supplying good quality of human resources. People who are ready to challenge and create the future!

What Imago requires is participants who have passion and dedication to pursue their career in marketing communication field; an industry that will challenge creativity to its limit.

Last but not least, yes Imago is small because we value personal interaction between lecturer and participants. We also put high value on passion & commitment, creativity, knowledge sharing and business ethics.


  • Legal name: PT. Imago Global Sukses
  • Ministry of Law & Human Rights of The Republic of Indonesia: Company List No. AHU-0041830.AH.01.09 Year 2011 (based on latest notarial deed No. 31/2011)
  • Tax No. 02.579.383.7-019.000
  • Jakarta Provincial Government: Certificate of Company Registration No. Year 2014
  • South Jakarta City Government Administration: Permit for Informal Education Institution & Training No. 006/1.13.1/31.74.07/-1.851.332/2016