Juli Nugroho

After more than 20 years working in advertising agencies (Matari, Kraftiq & DM Pratama) and client’s side (Simplot Indonesia, Pepsicola Indonesia and URC Indonesia), Juli decided to pursue his real passion on becoming a coach, trainer and consultant in the area of branding, marketing, positive mindset, salesmanship and service excellence.

He has developed some powerful training modules based on his rich knowledge and field experience as brand’s consultant and marketer; both on local and multi-national corporations. Some of his previous clients were: Daihatsu Motor, Indofood, Konimex, Xerox Astra Graphia, Ajinomoto, Gudang Garam, Indomilk, Marta Tilaar, Mega Bank, Lion Wings, Citilink, Hoka-Hoka Bento, Kalbe Nutritionals, and many more. He is a certified professional ethos trainer and NLP practitioner. To maintain his philanthropic soul, he has developed training modules for small & medium enterprises and managed www.ayogemarmembaca.com

Topic of trainings that he offers: Winning Client’s Heart