Rick Roni Falcon

Roni started his career as a radio announcer in Bandung and then pursued his career as a DJ before he joined Lowe Indonesia (1996 – 2000). He gained his experience in Event Management when he was responsible for some big events, such as: Clear Top 10 (1999 – 2000), Lifebouy Tok-Tok-Wow (1996 – 2000) and Olympiade Lifebuoy (1999) aside from some other projects (LA Street Ball, Super Soccer Games, Jajanan Bango, Ponds Institute and Feel The Rush).

He was also creator and executor of some internal corporate events conducted by Unilever, Telkom, Jansen Pharma, Motorolla, and many more.

In 2000, he returned to Bandung and joined the Management of Ardan Group. He is currently the Commissioner of B Radio and Director of Cosmo Radio, Ardan B-Cakra and Mindworks (a unit in Ardan Group which specializes in Event Management). Mindworks has been trusted by Badminton World Federation to manage the Indonesia Open since 2010.

He is also an active lecturer at Padjadjaran University; teaching Radio Broadcasting, and he also been invited as speaker for various Event Management seminars. His motto is: “I like challenging works. No job is so difficult. Everything should has a solution. Work hard but do it in a relax way.”

Topic of trainings that he offered: Practical Event Management.