Think & Speak Fluently

 November 14, 2019 | 14.00 – 17.00 |

with Adi Wijaksana (click to view trainer’s profile)


Some people have difficulties in speaking out what is in their minds. It is not surprising if this problem leads to unstructured, unclear and ineffective communication or, even worst, misperception by the receiver. Imagine if this happen in a business-related communication.

This short course will guide its participants to learn and practice a variety of simple and amazing methods on how to get words out of the mind smoothly, structurally and applicable for their daily public speaking or during a presentation session. This will make participants more persuasive as well.


The half-day course will cover:

·       Overview: Why we should speak fluently

·       Combining left & right brains in communication

·       Clear speaking requires clear thinking

·       Steps to speak fluently and spontaneously

·       Three main things to speak spontaneously

·       Exercise on speaking spontaneously

·       Daily implementation of thinking technique & fluent speaking


The program will use practical (exercises, check-list form, examples, etc.), inspiring and enjoyable approaches.


Who can benefit

Sales/Marketing/Account people, supervisors, leaders, and other people who has to frequently deal with a lot of people and have concerns on how to make a spontaneous and structured speech.



Regular rate : Rp 800.000,-/pax

Group         : Rp 720.000,-/pax – for 2 or more participants per company

[incl. coffee-breaks, printed course material, documentation, and certificate]






-  The minimum no. of participant to run the program is 5 pax. The maximum capacity is 20 pax

-  Registration will be closed on November 12. Click here to register