Influencer Brand Strategy Management

raising the bar to ensure quality content gets delivered


August 15 | 09.00 – 17.00 |

with Richard Watkinson (click to view trainer’s profile)


Influencers change everything about the way we think about branding and content. These radical changes mean we have to look at a brand strategy with influencers from a different perspective. The workshop will challenge participant’s perceptions of what they think they know. After the disruption stage they will face challenges and possibilities rather than problems. In this new landscape, how do they see and make use of future possibilities? How do they make this relevant to their everyday life at work? After the workshop you should be able to understand better how to manage your influencer teams to create better quality content for your brand. 


The one day workshop will cover:

1.     Intro to Influencer Content: Good vs. Bad

2.     Your Influencer Disruption – Perception Shift – Future

3.     Possibilities & Opportunities with Your Influencers – Build Your Own Content Management ECO System

4.     Branding: Onions in Context – Raising the Bar!

5.     Creativity Trends in Influencer Content

6.     Going Forward: Developing Great Digital Ideas together with Your Stealth Influencer Teams


Who can benefit:

Product / Brand / Marketing Manager and other senior marketing staffs. Creative, Strategic Planning, Media, Research, Account Management and other senior advertising staffs.



•       Rp 1.250.00,-/pax (2 or more participants/company)

•       Rp 1.350.000,-/pax (payment before Aug. 3)

•       Rp 1.500.000,-/pax (payment after Aug. 4)

 [incl. lunch, coffee-breaks, printed course material, documentation & certificate]

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-  The minimum no. of participant to run the program is 8 pax. The maximum capacity is 20 pax

-  Registration will be closed on August 12. Click here to register